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We are eager for talents, our team is stronger because of you.

We know that employees are the footstone of our success, so we focus on our employees' career planning and career growth. We hope that every member of EIFC can realize their potential, expand their careers, and realize their ambitions.

We have a series of specifications aimed at achieving everyone's ability through a systematic process. We provide extensive online, classroom and on-the-job training to help employees improve their skills and achieve career goals.

- Jobs Position -

1. Sales representative: We provide a generous base salary; a high percentage of commissions fully inspire your passion for pioneering and enterprising; give you a broad, flexible and independent space, so that your talents can be fully utilized.

2. Customer Service Specialist: Cooperate with the US branch, and provide full service to customers. As long as you are fluent in English, patient and meticulous, you are the right person for us.

Please send your resume to: or .

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